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The rectorate comprises the following sections and subdivisions:

  1. Rector's Office
  2. Department of Legal Affairs
  3. Security Department
  4. Department of Internal Auditing
  5. Academic Senate Office of CTU
  6. Department of PR and Marketing
    • Press and Protocol Unit
    • Commercial Unit and Information Center
  7. Alumni Unit
  8. Bethlehem Club Unit
  9. The Jaroslav Fragner Gallery Unit
  10. Department of Development
  11. Department of Technology Transfer and Fundraising
  12. Department of Structural Funds
  13. Department for Education and Student Affairs
  14. Centre for Lifelong Education
  15. Department of Science and Research
    • Patent Centre
  16. International Office
  17. Department for Quality
  18. Department of Construction and Investment
  19. Bursar's Office
  20. Department of Financial Management and Controlling
  21. Department of Budgeting and Finances
    • Budgeting Office
    • Financial Office
    • Employee Office
  22. Department of Property Management
    • Facility Management Office
    • Transportation Office
  23. CTU Archive
    • Archive Management and Research Unit
    • Archive Services
  24. Department of Records Management
  25. Facility Management of Jugoslávských partyzánů Building

Organisational Scheme of Organisational Rules of CTU Rectorate

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