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We Are Unique in the World

  • The Research Centre for Industrial Heritage is the only institution in the Czech Republic that systematically maps the technical and industrial heritage, and deals with the further use of heritage objects. The results of the research are collected together in the Industrial Topography of the Czech Republic, a project carried out within the program of applied research under the Ministry of Culture.
  • The Institute of Intermedia (IIM) is a shared workplace of the CTU Faculty of Architecture, the CTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. It provides a platform for international cooperation among students and teachers at the interface between the arts and technology.
  • Research at the Faculty on current trends in urban planning and development contributes to Urbanism Checklist (Inventura Urbanismu) (2010-2015), which has been working closely with the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) in the past two years.

We Are Unique in the Czech Republic

  • We are the only faculty of architecture in the Czech Republic that offers 3 study programmes: Architecture and Urbanism, Landscape Architecture, and Design. Our offer includes all fields of study in area of designing buildings, settlements, regions and landscapes, and also industrial design.
  • We offer an educational system of vertical studio teaching, in which students from the second year of study to the fifth year of study all work together on collaborative projects.
  • We have a wide range of agreements with outstanding faculties of architecture, leading to extensive student exchanges with European and world universities.
  • We organize cycles of lectures and workshops led by foreign architects, urbanists and designers: November Talks (2017, 2016, 2015), Best of British (2014), French Future (2014), Dutch Footprint (2013), Design versus Architecture (2012), Ecology versus Architecture (2010).
  • We organize regular workshops and lectures that complement the taught course and enrich students’ view of broader topics: City Development I -VII (2008 - 2015), Monuments (2006 - 2015), Overcoming Barriers (2009 - 2015), Public Space Security (2013 - 2014).
  • We organize large international congresses and conferences: eCAADe 2012 (Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe), 2015 AESOP Congress in Prague (Association of European Schools of Planning) and conferences and workshops on current issues: Municipal Park (2007), Antidesign (2008), Design (2009), Population ageing, new trends ... (2012), Housing estate, how next? (2014).
  • We publish ALFA, a monthly faculty magazine that reports on activities at the faculty, and the annual Faculty Yearbook, which covers one year of work carried out in the Faculty’s institutes and studios.
  • We publish articles and papers, in cooperation with publishers in the field of architecture and culture (Kant, Torst, and others), and in cooperation with Golden Cut (Zlatý řez), the only Czech architectural magazine that is included in the list of reviewed Czech magazines.
  • We carry out research on the reliability of the load-bearing structures of historical buildings, in which the Faculty cooperates with the Klokner Institute of CTU, the Faculty of Civil Engineering of CTU, the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the National Monument Institute, and also with the Department of Architecture of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA, and the Centre d'Histoire des Sciences et des Techniques, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris, France.

We Are Members of the

  • European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE)
  • Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP)
  • Arbeitskreis für Hausforschung e.V.

We Are Proud of

  • The emeritus Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Ladislav Lábus, who was awarded the Prize of the Ministry of Culture in the field of architecture, 2014.
  • Our Teaching staff of great architects, urbanists and designers, who are known and recognized for their work, their projects, design and publications in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.
  • Our Students, whose projects do not end up only as sketches: the energy self-sufficient AIR HOUSE serves as the CTU information center on the Dejvice campus; a model of the parallel membrane city Urbo Kune inspired Milan Urban in his new novel The Laboratory of Silence; an interactive exhibition for the national pavilion of the Czech Republic at EXPO 2015 in Milan, designed by students David Sivý and Jan Tůma.
  • The CTU New Building, into which our faculty moved on February 1st, 2011. This is is currently the leading modern building for teaching architecture in the Czech Republic. The building was designed by architect Alena Šrámková, who teaches at the Faculty of Architecture.
  • The Research done at the Faculty on the theory and history of architecture, resulting in books that track architecture as an outstanding artistic and technical performance and explore the history of architecture, deal with day-to-day architecture, and also monographs on personalities in architecture and works offering a survey of key periods of local architecture.
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