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We Are Unique in the Czech Republic

  • researching on robots navigated by a stereoscopic camera that can follow a person or escape from him. The robot can be controlled by a simple hand gesture to proceed in various directions and to make turns.
  • having a department for forensic analysis of evidence of a digital nature.
  • our research on robotic toys, suitable for use as accessories for voice communication between man and computer. You can play with them, they can read an SMS or an e-mail to you, wake you up in the morning instead of an alarm clock, and they will give you reminders in the course of the day, e.g. that you need to go shopping.
  • carrying out studies of methods for automating data mining processes.
  • our research into the design of equipment resistant against attacks and against breaking the ciphers presently used in conventional chip cards.
  • our research into massive parallel algorithms for computers with hundreds of thousands of processors.
  • being the first to start using field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) for teaching digital design.

We Are Unique in the World

  • having created a unique library of compressed-sensing algorithms and a unified testing environment for research on the properties of compressed sensing algorithms.
  • designing and modelling highly reliable and self-testing numerical VLSI circuits.
  • knowing how to implement neuron networks effectively on IC cards and gating fields using linearly approximated functions.

We Are Preparing for the Near Future

  • a new laboratory for knowledge engineering and a laboratory for programming mobile devices.

We Are Members of

  • Informatics Europe, the Association of European Faculties of Informatics

Our Academic Staff Are Members of

  • International Association for Cryptographic Research
  • EUROMICRO (Board of Directors – Representative of the Czech Republic)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

We Are Proud of

  • our laboratory for research on security aspects of ICC cards.
  • organising major conferences. The annual Prague Stringology Conference – a scientific conference in the field of stringology, translators, data compression, arbology and finite automata. The members of the programme committee come from all continents of the world.
  • The IEEE European Test Symposium in 2009 – the biggest European conference on circuit testing.
  • The European Computer Science Summit in 2010 – an annual conference of the Association of Informatics Faculties in Europe.
  • TOOLS 2012 – the biggest European conference on object programming techniques.
  • LinuxDays – the biggest Czech conference for developers and supporters of open–source software.
  • ARCS 2013 – the leading European scientific conference on computer architectures and operating systems.
  • LAW FIT 2013 – a meeting of leading figures in the fields of law and information technology in the Czech Republic, with discussions about current issues in law and informatics.
  • our 3D-print laboratory.
  • the SAGElab network multimedia laboratory built in cooperation with Cesnet and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.
  • the centre for conceptual modelling.
  • COPACOBANA (Cost-Optimized Parallel COde Breaker) – a parallel computational server composed of 120 field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA).
  • HackingLab
  • Intelligent embedded systems laboratory
  • The unique course on programming, under the title Introduction to Computer Science, that we organise for selected secondary-school students in collaboration with Stanford University
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