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CIIRC was set up on the basis of a decision issued by the Academic Senate of the Czech Technical University in Prague on April 22nd, 2013, which came into force on July 1st, 2013. The main task in the first phase of the establishment of CIIRC has been to prepare a high-quality project within the framework of the Research and Development for Innovation programme to revitalize the existing premises in the building housing the Technical Menza canteen to provide adequate physical facilities for the work of CIIRC. The other major task is gradually to build CIIRC up into a national scientific and teaching workplace on a European and international level.

Aims and Orientation

The Institute has a broad field of specialization, covering: automatic control and optimization, robotics, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, computer vision and machine learning, designing software systems and computer devices, designing decision support and diagnostic systems and using these systems in medical applications, distributed decision support systems, industrial diagnostics, telematics, and designing user-friendly and beneficial solutions for citizens and for residents (including smart homes, smart cities, etc.)

CIIRC is open towards all faculties of CTU, and towards collaborating with teams at other universities and workplaces of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, and seeks to engage in interdisciplinary collaboration with these teams.

The aim is to help to integrate research in connection with educating high-quality doctoral students in the field of informatics, robotics and cybernetics at national level – taking the collaboration among CTU, the institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, and other technical universities to a qualitatively higher level by linking them with the infrastructure financed by European Structural Funds (CEITEC, NTIS, IT4Innovations), making use of the experience gained by operating the Center for Applied Cybernetics.

The aim is to improve the quality and to internationalize the research and study experience of doctoral students. The attractive and outstanding workplace will attract the interest of leading experts and professors from abroad. The plan is gradually to build up joint laboratories with some leading universities in Europe, in the USA and elsewhere, and with leading industrial research centers.

The eClub start-up company accelerator will be located on the premises of CIIRC. This is one of the best incubators in the Czech Republic, and is linked with incubators in the USA. Education for innovation and for technology transfer will be one of the activities of carried out by CIIRC.

CIIRC will build on the successful tradition of cybernetics and informatics teams at CTU, and will support long-term specific research collaboration with leading global companies and with Czech businesses.

CIIRC will also introduce a new model of autonomous management through the Assembly of Leading Scientific Workers.

CIIRC represents a motivational model for the Czech Republic, and is a step in the direction of restructuring CTU as a modern research university.

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