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Our mission is to raise the international profile of CTU. We want to achieve this by supporting a wide range of study abroad by CTU students, by receiving large numbers of satisfied exchange students from partner universities, and also degree-seeking students from abroad. The university’s reputation is also enhanced by the internationally acclaimed science and research projects carried out at CTU, and by the university’s active participation in international networks, organisations and competitions.


The international dimension is rapidly becoming a standard aspect of the day-to-day work of faculties, departments, research teams, student dormitories, etc., and the difference between national and international has become smaller and less significant. International activities are coordinated by the International Office, in close collaboration with the very active International Student Club (ISC), and with support from the CTU community in general.

We Are Proud of

  • The good reputation of our outgoing exchange students at our partner universities.
  • The rapid development of international awareness and knowhow, and the international orientation of many activities throughout the university.
  • The achievements of the International Student Club at CTU.
  • The ever-growing popularity of CTU with incoming exchange students
  • The support given by the whole CTU community to international activities.

We Are Unique

  • We offer students a broad range of opportunities to study at leading universities abroad - in the EU countries, north, central and south America, in Asia, Australia, and South Africa.
  • Students and the academic staff receive growing numbers of visitors from abroad, and travel abroad intensively, through centrally-organized activities and also through collaboration at the level of the faculty and the research team, and though personal initiatives.
  • International education, science and research have become a normal aspect of academic life for many workplaces at the university.


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