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MIAS came to existence as a university institute in 1992. In the past, it focused mainly on providing postgraduate MBA programmes, lifelong learning language courses and study programmes in pedagogy. Its communication with the public has not stopped since then: MIAS offers a great number of courses in languages, pedagogy, psychology, didactics, school counselling, business coaching etc.

At present, MIAS offers accredited Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, in which it suitably combines practice and science. First-rate training in languages reinforces the international dimension of both studies and research. Close cooperation with other parts of the Czech Technical University creates a unique environment, in which the institute grows and develops further.

Main Areas of Education

The institute is based on three pillars of education. The first are economics and management, which emphasise innovation in the development of projects. The second focuses on pedagogy. Here, the future lies in educating teachers of technical subjects. The third pillar shows the way to the world through rigorous language training.

We Are Proud of

  • Our students being in an international environment that connects European university education and the practices of top international companies;
  • Our use of the latest trends in teaching, including the use of digital technologies and virtual reality - with the human being always at the centre;
  • Our cooperation with more than 20 major partner companies in the Czech Republic, which enable our students to gain work experience;
  • Our athletes and having a world champion among our students;

We Are Members of the

  • Czech Management Association
  • Personnel Officers Club of the Czech Republic
  • International Society of Engineering Education (IGIP)
  • The Association of Adult Education Institutions in the Czech Republic
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