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We Are Unique in the World

  • in offering a coherent education programme in intelligent transportation systems (ITS). This programme is closely linked with practical applications, and is aimed not only at Czech students but also at foreign students. The programme is taught only in English. Foreign students taking this programme can study at famous universities abroad (Fachhochschule Technikum Wien, Austria and Linköping University, Sweden).
  • in educating students who participate actively in the successful running of the MEPS international student transport engineering seminar, which has been taking place for 15 years. MEPS rotates around towns in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. In mixed groups, participants propose new solutions to transport problems in the host towns.

We Are Unique in the Czech Republic

  • in having adopted a specific form of project-oriented education.
  • in having set up several unique scientific research facilities since 1993, where we have been providing project education closely linked with practice and collaborating on solving current problems in the field of transportation.

We Are Preparing for the Near Future

  • equipping the Systems Geoinformatics Laboratory with instrumentation.
  • a new faculty classroom for CAD/GIS/Cax systems and transport modeling.
  • the introduction of a new model for an overall study programme structure that will ensure high-quality graduates with excellent prospects on the employment market.
  • the new Vehicle Drives laboratory.
  • the laboratory for physics and diagnostics of surface layer materials.

We Are Members of the

  • European Rail Research Network of Excellence – EURNEX
  • European Rail Research Advisory Council – ERRAC
  • Advisory Board of the Texas Institute of Science
  • FREIGHTVIS – visions and plans for European freight traffic until 2050
  • E-FRAME – extended FRAME architecture for the development of cooperative systems
  • European Platform of Transport Sciences – EPTS (in 2013, the Dean of the Faculty is the president of the platform)

We Are Proud of

  • The dominant position we have gained in the field of university education in transportation studies, which had been offered only in Žilina (Slovakia) before Czechoslovakia was split into the Czech and Slovak Republics.
  • The high percentage of success in applying for grants and carrying out funded projects, reflecting the high level of professionalism of the projects undertaken at the faculty.
  • The stabilization of the academic life at our faculty, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2013. Our graduates participate in major national and international projects and hold important positions, in the private sector and also in the state sector.
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