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Unique in the Country

A Diverse Range of Study Programmes

The range of what you can study at FEE is incredibly broad. From computer science, to energy, management, industrial fields, to biomedicine or the arts. Our degree programmes cover all the key technologies of the future.

Close Cooperation with Companies

We work with leading companies in the IT, electronics and energy sectors. We work on specific research and innovation projects that have real applications in industry and services. Students are also involved in the projects.

Outstanding Scientific Results

We have consistently been ranked among the top ten scientific institutions in Czechia. 30% of CTU's scientific output is generated by FEE. In 2019, our faculty received 42.6% of the converted citations of the entire CTU.

Unique in the world

We have no competition in the international competition of autonomous drones. Members of the Multi-robot Systems CTU FEE team are two-time champions of the Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC) autonomous drone competition.

Collecting Medals with an Electric Monopost

Since 2010, the eForce FEE Prague Formula team has been collecting successes in the international Formula Student competition. We have the fastest electric monoposto in Czechia and we innovate it every year. In 2020, the team built the first Czech autonomous formula.

Success in the American Competition under the DARPA Banner

The CTU-CRAS team composed of our scientists and students succeeded in the prestigious DARPA Subterranean Challenge in 2020. Among the non-sponsored participants, the team from FEE won and took 3rd place overall in the competition.

Changing the Way Animated Films Are Made

We are at the cutting edge of computer graphics. We produce unique video styling algorithms that are of interest to Hollywood and Snapchat.

We Are Members of

  • AMTA - Antenna Measurement Techniques Association
  • CIGRE - Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques
  • EAEEIE - European Association for Education in Electrical and Information Engineering
  • Profi bus International
  • APVTS - Association of Public Telecommunications Network Operators
  • Czech Acoustical Society
  • Czech Astronomical Society
  • Czech Technical Matrix

What Makes us Proud:

Individual Approach to Students

There are 8.3 students per teacher. This enables us to provide a truly individual approach to teaching. The study is selective and it is not easy to graduate from FEE. It takes diligence and determination, but it is worth it. Our graduates then have a competitive advantage at interviews and do not face unemployment.

Achievements of our Students and Teachers

Our students regularly score points in competitions for the best thesis or in the Werner von Siemens Prizes. Our excellent teachers have won several prestigious awards, e.g. Assoc. Petr Habala and Prof. Petr Kulhánek received the 2019 and 2020 MŠMT Award for outstanding educational activities.

Student Associations and Clubs

For example, a purely girls' club of students from FEE, wITches, teaches IT to children from 5th to 9th grades of elementary school. Members of the +/- FEE club are in turn active in organising faculty and university events, running a student Discord and helping first-year students to find their way around the faculty in the HELP!

We Organise Competitions for Primary and Secondary School Students

FEE has been involved in the education of young people since primary school. We work closely with several faculty high schools. We organize workshops and competitions for pupils and teachers. For example, nearly 1,000 primary and secondary school pupils and students participate in our Robot-competition every year.

We Generate 30% of CTU's Research Results.

Almost a third of CTU's scientific output is generated by the Faculty of Engineering, which makes us one of the so-called research faculties. In the long term, we rank among the top ten scientific institutions in the Czech Republic.

We Have Unique and Highly Equipped Laboratories

Our scientific workplaces and laboratory equipment are among the world's best. We boast a unique high-voltage laboratory, a special acoustic shock-free chamber, a perfectly equipped AV studio; we have state-of-the-art robotics workplaces with industrial robots and humanoids, we are equipped with computing clusters and we have specialized workplaces focused on computer graphics.

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