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  • CIC has a staff of 67, with an average age of 44.1 years.
  • Each year, 25,000 people pass through the doors into CIC.
  • The CTU data networks transmit 7,850 TB of data per year.
  • Our mail servers handle 741,000 e-mails per year.
  • Five administrators handle 48 physical servers, 67 virtual servers, and 57 databases.


Our publishing house produces 9,800 new identity cards annually for students, staff and guests, extends 13,600 identity cards annually, and sells 18,800 public transport season tickets per year.

Via the KOS system (an application in support of study agendas), 14,000 oral examination appointments are made each year and 425,000 examination grades are entered into the KOS system per academic year. KOS currently has about 25,000 active users.

The server is visited by over one million users annually. More than 1.2 TB of data are downloaded.

The largest numbers of hits on the CTU main page are from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Germany, Italy and France.

An average of about 12,000 unique visitors per year apply to browse information about scholarships.

We are a leading university in terms of the speed with which we process registration data.

In the last 14 years the VVVS application has been operating (especially the database of publications and events), and 157,000 publications have been entered into the system. That is one new publication every 47 minutes!

Today the information system registers 560 user roles and 5,000 new users are registered every year.

Content owner: Ilona Chalupská