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We Are Unique in the World

  • in organizing summer and winter PE courses.

In spring and summer, students can sign up for water-sport courses, canoeing, windsurfing, cycling, hiking, tennis, horseback riding and other sports, such as ball games, frisbee, archery, swimming, softball, etc.

In winter, we offer downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding courses.

We Focus on

  • Providing all forms of regular physical education courses at the faculties of CTU.
  • Providing and organizing winter and summer training courses in the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • Organizing special sports events for students and staff.
  • Coordinating the representation of CTU in university competitions in the Czech Republic, the Czech Academic Games and international sports events.
  • Working on development programmes and on research into physical education and sport.
  • Administering and operating the CTU physical education facilities.
  • Collaborating with the physical education units at CTU in providing sports activities and events at the university.
  • Administering and running the CTU physical education facilities: sports halls, multi-purpose training facilities, fitness centres, exercise facilities for contact sports, climbing walls, archery facilities, table tennis rooms, artificial surface tennis courts in an air-inflated hall for winter use.

We Are Unique in the Czech Republic

  • Teaching about 9,000 students per week.
  • Offering more than 40 types of sports activities.
  • Organizing national sports events: the November 17th Run, the Czech Academic Games, the university floorball league, etc.

We Are Members of the

  • Czech University Sports Association

We Represent CTU

  • We are the main organizer of the CTU sports teams. Under our leadership, our sports teams (floorball, football, volleyball, basketball, handball, etc.) have won medals in national and international events (Czech Academic Games, SellGames, EuroMilano).
  • Each year, we organize a competition for the best athletes of CTU, who are awarded sports scholarships.

Future Plans

  • Provide sand courts for beach volleyball and beach football.
  • Offer modern sports facilities in response to demand.
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