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We Are Unique in the World

  • In our strong orientation towards nuclear science and engineering.
  • In our collaboration with international partners in a wide range of fields all over the world and with the active engagement of our students.
  • In the opportunity for our students to work with both of the basic types of reactorsfission and fusion. We have our VR-1 and VR-2 fission nuclear reactor in cooperation with the ČEZ Group and the Golem fusion tokamak in collaboration with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
  • We are developing, constructing, positioning and operating international laser navigation systems for measuring the distance of manufactured satellites from the Earth. The stations are in several locations: Egypt, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, India, and Vietnam.

We Are Unique in the Czech Republic

  • In a broad range of study fields and disciplines. Many of them are unique – study programmes in Nuclear Engineering, Physics and Fusion Reaction Technology, Radiological Physics and others.
  • We are the only university in the Czech Republic with Departments of Nuclear Chemistry, Dosimetry, Application of Ionizing Radiation and Nuclear Reactors.
  • We are establishing and developing many new fields in the Czech Republic. For example, ruby and medical lasers, nanotechnologies, vacuum technology and more.
  • We are educating many students who have already had their papers published in prestigious journals and actively participated in conferences or investigations for industry and commercial companies during their studies.

We Are Preparing for the Near Future

  • By intensifying our participation in international research centres, including CERN, ITER, BNL-STAR and ELI.
  • By developing further practical applications of our scientific and research results, for example, through our newly-established Laboratory for Advanced Detection Technologies.
  • We are continuously upgrading the working conditions, especially for young scientists at the faculty. Those include new spaces, state-of-the-art laboratories, support for participation in international collaborative programmes, and others.
  • We are Introducing new fields of study and specialisations in accordance with the requirements of industry and closer collaboration with business and commercial companies.

We Are Members of

  • International Radiation Physics Society
  • European Nuclear Engineering Network (ENEN) Association
  • European Radiation Dosimetry Group
  • European Physical Society
  • CERN, BNL, JINR Dubna, ESA, ITER, GSI Darmstadt, IEEE, IAEA, and others.
  • Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists
  • Czech Mathematical Society
  • Research Reactor Operating Group

We Are Proud of

  • Our history – the faculty was established by eminent Czech mathematicians and physicists Běhounek, Kvasil, Majer, Němec, Petržílka, Šimáně and Votruba. They established the faculty for specific purposes and have always incorporated advanced science disciplines. We are proud of this tradition and aim to continue it.
  • Our study programmes. They have always been founded based on mathematics and physics and a deep understanding of the links between them. This means that our graduates can work flexibly in a wide range of fields of application.
  • The enthusiasm and active involvement of our students in the faculty‘s scientific work and research and their success on an international level.
  • The interest of many institutions and companies collaborating with us.
  • The high quality of our teachers and researchers, who are recognised and appreciated abroad and work on projects at major international research centres.
  • Our graduates and their evaluation of the Faculty. They perceive us as the highest-quality faculty in the Czech Republic.  After several years of work experience, 86% of our graduates would choose to study at the Faculty again.
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