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We Are Proud of

  • the reconstructed Technical Menza premises, where meals are prepared and presented according to the latest trends.
  • stabilizing the numbers of meals being served at a 1.7 million per year.
  • maintaining the standard of our accommodation in difficult financial times, and also upgrading some of our facilities, e.g. the Podolí dormitory and the Bubeneč dormitory.

Our Future Plans

  • extend our services to new CTU buildings and spaces.
  • extend our canteen payment system to payments for other services.
  • enable online previews of canteen-system accounts.
  • keep on maintaining and, where feasible, immediately repairing our facilities to meet the demands of our academic and commercial customers.
  • put forward a renovation project for the Strahov dormitories.

We Are Unique in the Czech Relublic

  • in our size - we are one of the largest providers of academic accommodation and the biggest provider of catering services in the country.
  • in administering the largest student campus in Europe – the Strahov dormitory complex.
  • in the scale of our catering services – we serve about 1.7 million meals annually, which makes us one of the biggest providers of catering in the Czech Republic.

We Are Unique in the World

  • in the overall size, scale and range of the buildings we administer and in the amount and variety of the accommodation that we offer.
  • in the way we combine academic and commercial accommodation.
  • in the symbiosis we have established between student organizations and ourselves: we collaborate closely with the Student Union of CTU. This collaboration has resulted in a number of outstanding projects, such as the biggest student internet computer network in Central Europe, cultural facilities such as music rooms, tea rooms, photographic studios, fitness centres, solariums, and a wide range of social events.
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