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  • We are the oldest technical university in Central Europe. CTU was founded in 1707.
  • About 24 000 students study at our Faculties.
  • We offer 419 fields of study in the framework of 105 study programmes.
  • In the worldwide ranking of technical universities, we occupy 156th place.
  • At CTU, you can study abroad for some semesters at a partner university as an exchange student.
  • Our graduates have no problem to find a job.

Our oldest faculties are the Faculties of Civil EngineeringMechanical EngineeringElectrical Engineering and Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering. More recently established faculties are the Faculties of Architecture and Transportation Sciences. Our newest faculties are the Faculties of Biomedical Engineering  and Information Technologies.

Each faculty of CTU, and some of the Institutes at the university, organise and teach their own study programmes, and each faculty and institution organizes its own entrance procedures. In most cases, there is a written test based on the prerequisites for studying at the faculty. For bachelor study programmes, the tests are mainly on mathematics and physics. The entrance tests for the Faculty of Architecture include a talent test (an aptitude test). If you have very good previous results, or if you competed in a secondary school Olympiad for maths and physics, or have special achievements related to your proposed studies, have a good look at the conditions in the entrance procedures. You may fulfill the requirements for acceptance without an entrance examination.

For those interested in studying in a foreign language, we offer an opportunity to study some programmes in English.

We offer to all of our students the opportunity to study abroad as an integral part of their study programme in Europe and elsewhere in the world. It is possible to study abroad more than once.

The ELSA Centre offers special services for students with disabilities, and provides the specific types of help that they need in order to succeed in their studies.

During your studies, you can take part in a range of student competitions and attend special lectures, seminars and consultancies given by well-known personalities and by guest speakers.

CTU holds the Diploma Supplement Label award, which means that each of our graduates automatically and without charge receives a Czech-English Diploma Supplement, which explains and supplements the information given on your degree certificate.

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