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Information Sources

Unified search for specialized information in electronic information sources through the Summon discovery service.

The Library provides access to basic electronic information sources, that cover the scientific areas and fields of study that are investigated at CTU.

The Library has been building up a specialized fund of printed and electronic documents. Information about the fund and about further services connected with the CTU fund can be found in the CTU online catalogue.

The library is building up the CTU digital library - as an institutional repository

Information Support for Students and Academic Workers

The Library is involved in raising the information literacy of students. It facilitates students‘ work with information, and teaches them the ethical bases for writing scientific texts and final projects. In collaboration with teachers, the Library has been introducing information education into the education process. It systematically provides support for the use of information sources through special courses and training sessions, and by offering instruments and services that make it easier to work with information that has been acquired. For further information, see http://www.knihovna.cvut.cz/en/courses-and-tuition

Information Support for Science and Research

The Library provides support for evaluating the results of university activities in the field of science and research. It deals with the methodology for the international evaluation of universities. The Library has joined in with  activities in support of open access (OA) to published scientific results, raises awareness of OA at CTU, supports the development of OA for authors and also in the area of using journals and other publications in the OA regime. For further information, see http://www.knihovna.cvut.cz/en/publishing

Services for the General Public

Members of the specialized general public visit the library and can borrow books on a take-home basis or for use inside the study areas of the library. They can use the public part of the web presentations of the library, public documents, handbooks, manuals and information materials. Instruments and services linked with the CTU Online Catalogue are also made available to them. They have access to the university’s study and research results, which are deposited and made accessible through the CTU Digital Library (the institutional repository).

As a Library, We Are Members of The

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