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We Are Unique in the World

  • in developing equipment for artificial pulmonary ventilation. We are one of the world’s top workplaces in this field, which is working on optimizing the high-frequency pulmonary ventilation used in neonatology and also for adults.
  • in having our applications-oriented facility in Prague Albertov, which links the innovative potential of the university environment with professional commercial implementations. The potential of the facility is focused on projects linking technology, medicine, health care services and social services together with elements of safety, security and rescue teams.

We Are Unique in the Czech Republic

  • in having our faculty based on an interdisciplinary approach linking technology, biology and medicine, and also being the only public university located in the Central Bohemian Region.
  • in engaging in research on nanotechnologies for medicine. We are developing new types of biocompatible thin layers (surfaces for implants, stents) and new types of sensors.
  • in introducing the Health Technology Assessment method in the Czech Republic.
  • in having graduates who become specialists working in teams to save human lives (comfortable pre-hospital emergency care, hospital care, and post-hospital health care).
  • in our individual study programmes, which are directly related to specific healthcare professions (or occupations). These can either stand on their own or supplement and support each other in hospital practice.
  • in having modern laboratory equipment for experimental teaching and research comprising 30 laboratories, including those for simulating the environments of selected emergency departments and intensive care units in hospitals, which are unique for biomedical engineering in the Czech Republic.
  • in offering a broad educational base for future biomedical technicians and engineers, including a complete unique set of medical safety testers of electronic equipment, made by world-leading manufacturers, analyzers and simulators of selected physiological subsystems and parameters, and last but not least a unique real model of the MEDICS controlling and monitoring system for electric wiring in hospitals.
  • in having a platform for simulating patients. using the latest medical equipment.
  • in having a platform for teaching biomedical informatics with the opportunity to play various roles in trying out information systems that are widely used in Czech hospitals.

We Are Preparing for the Near Future

  • expansion of the existing teaching spaces, the next step in reconstructing the existing spaces, and broadening the studies of nanotechnology.

We Are Members of the

  • EAMBES (European Alliance for Medical and Biological Engineering and Science)
  • The consortium of six European universities under the Erasmus – Mundus CEMACUBE project, which offers a study programme in Biomedical Engineering.

We Are Proud of

  • the accreditation awarded for biomedical engineering fields of study with related engineering disciplines, non-medical health care disciplines and civil security, including 7 professional fields directly linked to health care professions and occupations.
  • the annually increasing interest in studying at our faculty, thanks in part to the expanding range of interesting fields of study. (The number of students at the faculty doubled between years 2009 and 2013, reaching 1,700 students. The number of graduates rose from 130 to 210.)
  • the students who participate actively in training for rescue and safety services and thus gain unique practical and managerial skills. As a result, our students of the Healthcare Service Rescue Worker study branch take leading positions in various competitions every year, even competing successfully against professional rescue teams.
  • establishing a strong position in the Central Bohemian Region. We have become a recognized partner of medical institutions, companies and governmental authorities in the region. One of our major partners is the Town of Kladno, which has collaborated on developing our faculty and on implementing major projects such as an Education for  Competitiveness Operational Programme and an Operational Development Programme, and on extending the faculty’s teaching facilities.
  • our graduates, some of whom have achieved great success (Jan Rieger, M.Sc., Ing. Vladimíra Petráková, Ph.D., and many others, who have won recognized awards and prizes).
  • many practical implementations, which help in everyday clinical practice, for example utility models and patents resulting from high-quality cooperation between the faculty, medical facilities and students.
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