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The ELSA Centre attempts to make studying at CTU effective and meaningful for students with a disability. The Centre provides a wide range of services to cater for the specific needs of the students, and has the technical and technological facilities that are necessary to provide these services.

Through the ELSA Centre, the university offers the following services for students with a disability:

  • make study materials accessible, for example by adapting specialized symbols and transforming study materials into a tactile form
  • provide a visualization and transcribing service, and also an interpreting service for students with a listening disability
  • provide study assistance, personal assistance and training in spatial orientation
  • intervene to help students with special needs, e.g. negotiating extra time for them in exams and tests
  • provide training in study and work strategies (where applicable), and provide individual tuition when needed.
  • provide access to high-quality technical resources, specially adapted for a particular type of disability. Offer some of the equipment on loan to students
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