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CTU enables students to study abroad within Europe through the Erasmus+ programme and provides access to additional exchanges through its agreements with 70+ universities around the globe.

Experiences abroad include

Do you have questions about studying abroad? Contact the International Office for more information.

Are you studying outside the Czech Republic and want to study abroad at CTU? Visit the Erasmus+ and Exchange page for international students to learn about the application process.

STUDUJ VE SVĚTĚ (Study Around the World)

At CTU, more than 1000 students go abroad in some form annually. However, less than half of all programme vacancies were even filled last year, so the chances of participating in Erasmus or non-European bilateral agreements are huge.

Students who have returned from international exchanges organize a study abroad fair every October and an International Day in the summer. At both events, Erasmus participants and students who have studied abroad through bilateral agreements describe their experiences and answer questions about their programmes.

More information can be found on the STUDUJ VE SVĚTĚ website (in Czech).


For more than 40 years, the non-profit International Association for the Exchange of Students with Technical Experience (IAESTE) has been providing university students with internships in companies, universities and institutions in more than 80 member countries. This enables approximately 30 CTU students to go abroad each year. They gain invaluable life and work experience, improve their language skills, learn about the culture of other nations and enrich their lives with unforgettable experiences. You can learn about the participation requirements and other important information on the Czech Republic’s IAESTE website (in Czech) or reach out to with any questions.

International Student Club

The International Student Club (ISC), in close collaboration with the International Office, prepares many activities and social events for foreign students, like excursions, sporting events, and casual language exchanges. ISC members help integrate foreign students into life in the Czech Republic and at CTU while learning more about the world’s cultures, sometimes in preparation for their own study abroad! If you are interested in learning more or participating in these activities at CTU, visit the ISC website for more information.

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