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In addition to the bachelor study programmes offered in Czech language, CTU in Prague offers the opportunity to take programmes taught in English language and in Russian language.

The standard length of these study programmes is 3 or 4 years, and students may study on a full-time or a part-time basis.

On successfully completing their studies, graduates are awarded a bachelor degree and receive the bachelor title. At the Faculty of Architecture, graduates of the study programme in Design are awarded a bachelor of arts degree and the title"bakalář umění".

Bachelor graduates have the required theoretical knowledge and practical skills to perform technical functions in industry, institutions, schools, commerce and services. They are also well prepared for further studies.

The composition of the courses meets the highest European education quality requirements for the qualifications of graduates. Every bachelor study programme is accredited with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and is in accordance with the European education requirements based on the Bologna process.

Information about bachelor study programmes at the pages of our Faculties and Facilities:

  • List of all accredited bachelor study programmes and fields of study taught in a foreign language
    • The accredited study programmes and fields of study presented here are not necessarily offered every academic year.
    • Further information is given on the web pages of the Faculties, under Admission Procedures for the coming academic year.
    • Code of the study programme::
      B - bachelors’s study programme
    • Forms of studies:
      P – full-time (face-to-face) studies
      D – distance studies
      K – part-time studies (including a distance-study element)
      A – study programmes/ study profiles delivered in English language
      R – study programmes/study profiles delivered in Russian language
    • Abbreviations for faculties and institutes:
      FSv – Faculty of Civil Engineering
      FS – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
      FEL – Faculty of Electrical Engineering
      FJFI – Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering
      FA – Faculty of Architecture
      FD – Faculty of Transportation Sciences
      FBMI – Faculty of Biomedical Engineering
      FIT – Faculty of Information Technologies
      MÚVS – Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies
    • Other abbreviations:
      KKOV - Classification of basic fields of study
      KEN - Coefficient of economic demandingness (reflecting how expensive it is to provide the study programme)
      SDS - Standard length of the study programme
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