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We invite those interested in studying at the Czech Technical University in Prague, as well as their parents, to the Days of Open Doors. Tour the faculties, including some of their workplaces and laboratories, and participate in programs that showcase CTU’s strong academic and research foundations. Attendees will also learn more about the admissions procedure at each faculty and hear from recent graduates about their experiences and competitiveness in the workforce.

Faculty/University Institutes Date Address
Faculty of Civil Engineering 4 Feb, 2022 Praha 6, Thákurova 7
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 26 Mar, 2022 Praha 6, Technická 4
Faculty of Electrical Engineering 25 Feb, 2022 Praha 6, Technická 2
Praha 2, Karlovo nám. 13
Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering 25 Jan, 2022 Praha 1, Břehová 7
Faculty of Architecture June 2022 Praha 6, Thákurova 9
Faculty of Transportation Sciences 28 Jan, 2022 Praha 1, Konviktská 20
Faculty of Biomedical Engineering 28 Jan, 2022 Kladno, nám. Sítná 3105
Faculty of Information Technology 13. Jan, 2022 Praha 6, Thákurova 2700/9
Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies 4 Feb, 2022 and 11 Mar, 2022 Praha 6, Kolejní 2637/2
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