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CTU Rector

The Rector is the top representative of CTU, and the university’s representative in relations with other universities in the Czech Republic and abroad, and with public and state organs, especially with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, with business circles and with members of the public. According to the terms of his/her appointment, the Rector is responsible to the President of the Republic, and in matters laid down in the law he/she is responsible to the Minister of Education, Youth and Sport. For the performance of his activities under the law and under the statutes of CTU, the CTU Rector is responsible to the Academic Senate of CTU. The Rector of CTU names and removes from office the Deans of the faculties of CTU, the Directors of the university institutes, the Registrar, the Chancellor and the Directors of other elements of CTU.

Top management of CTU

The top management of CTU is a permanent advisory body of the Rector of CTU, comprising the Vice-Rectors, the Registrar, the Chancellor, and the Chairman of the Academic Senate. The Head of the Internal Audit Commission participates ex officio in the proceedings of the top management of CTU.

Members of the Rector’s Board


Chairman of the CTU Academic Senate:






Rector's Office

Jana Jarešová
phone: +420 224 353 486

Ing. Věra Molíková
phone:+420 224 353 474

Registrar's Office

Mgr. Eva Piknová
phone: +420 224 353 349

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