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Members of the Board of Directors of a public higher education institution are appointed and removed by the minister, following a consultation with the rector, so that representatives of public life, regional self-administration and state administration are proportionally represented on the Board. Members of the Board of Directors must not be employed at the public higher education institution in question. The Board of Directors of a public higher education institution approves the budget, the medium-term outlook and strategic plan, and in particular comments on the long-term plan of the public higher education institution and on other issues presented to it for discussion by the rector or the minister, on the annual report on activities and the annual report on financial management and the results of evaluation of the activities of the higher education institution.


  • prof. Ing. Petr SÁHA, CSc. - Director of Univerzity Institute UTB in Zlín 

Deputy chairperson

  • Ing. Dana DRÁBOVÁ, Ph.D. - Chairman, State Office for Nuclear Safety
  • Mgr. František BUREŠ, MBA, LL.M -  Independent advisor and consultant of engineering, production and services


  • Ing. Vladimír DLOUHÝ, CSc. - President of Eurochambres
  • Ing. Petr DVOŘÁK, MBA - Chairman of the Board of directors Leica Gallery Prague, o.p.s.
  • Ing. arch. Oleg HAMAN - President of Society of Czech architects
  • Ing. Martin JAHN, MBA - Member of managing board responsible for sale and marketing in SKODA AUTO a. s. 
  • Ing. arch. Jan KASL - JK ARCHITEKTI s. r. o., President of the Czech Chamber of Architects (ČKA)
  • Mgr. Ondřej KOLÁŘ - Member of Chamber of Deputies PČR
  • Ing. Petr MOTHEJL - Dekonta, a. s., Vice-chairman of Supervisory board
  • Jan PAULY, CSc. - Vice-dean of Fakulty of Law - Univerzity of West Bohemia
  • Ing. Vlastimil PICEK - Former chief General military headquaters
  • Mgr. Jozef ŠEPETKA - Member of supervisory board J&T Bank
  • Ing. Michaela ŠOJDROVÁ - Member of the European Parliament
  • Mgr. Radek VONDRÁČEK - Chairperson of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies Parliament of the Czech Republic 


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