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Brief Historical Notes

The foundation of the Bethlehem Chapel in 1391 in the place where it now stands after reconstruction was by not by chance. On the contrary, the location was selected very carefully. The founders knew that the first “preaching” church must be built in this part of Prague, directly in the heart of the kingdom, in the Prague Old Town, where the old Bohemian preaching tradition was centred.

Visits of Eminent Personalities

The Bethlehem Chapel is often visited on special festive occasions, e.g. by the President of the Czech Republic (Václav Klaus was awarded his honorary doctorate there in 2007), prime ministers, ministers, clergymen, ambassadors, etc. A notable special visit was made by Mr Toyoda (with a robot playing the trumpet) on his way to Brussels. Czech and foreign artists often participate in cultural events held in the Chapel (e.g. Eva Urbanová (opera singer), Jaroslav Svěcený (violinist), Daniel Hůlka, Lenka Filipová (singers), Josef Somr, Hana Maciuchová (actors), Saskia Burešová (TV presenter), Jan Talich (musician), the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra), etc.

Events That Can Be Organized in the Chapel

The historic main assembly hall of the Bethlehem Chapel is suited for a range of events: classical music concerts, festive meetings of scientific institutions, formal ceremonies, literary evenings, international conferences, symposia, exhibitions, etc.

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