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A university is more than just a place for studying and for systematic preparation for a future career. It also provides a time when unlimited opportunities are offered. The CTU Student Union gives everyone a chance to make her or his dreams come true, to organize events, to have fun, to travel, to be creative, to rest, to learn new things, to take part in sports, and to do many other things. The CTU Student Union is a student organization with a large number of clubs that offer a very broad range of activities. At the same time, it is an independent organization with its own management, structure, rules and mission. It is represents the social interests of many people. Each member can join in its activities, actively or passively, and in this way experience her or his student life to the full.

The CTU Student Union consists of clubs based on dormitories and on interests. There are external clubs, the Student Union parliament, and also the Student Union Central Office, the Control Commission, and a number of autonomous student organizations. We organize numerous regular and once-off sports activities, lectures and music festivals, and we show various video courses. We also represent students accommodated in Czech Technical University dormitories.

Further information, mainly in Czech language, is available for students who are interested or who need help, on www.su.cvut.cz .

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