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College is not only a place for study or, as the law says, "continuous preparation for a future profession", but also an environment that offers unlimited possibilities. The CTU Student Union (SU CTU) allows everyone to realize their dreams, organize events, have fun, travel, create, relax, learn, play sports and do many other things. The CTU Student Union is a student organisation with a wide range of clubs and a large variety of activities. It is also an independent organisation with its own governance, structure, rules and mission. It is the realization of common interests of many people. Every member can actively or passively participate in the events and thus live his/her student life to the fullest.

The Students' Union is made up of many different clubs, such as college, extra-curricular and external. These clubs organise many regular and even more random activities ranging from sports competitions, lectures, music festivals, smaller events and various courses.

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