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For more than five years, The CTU Career Centre  has offered a unique opportunity that has allowed students to discover the real working environment in Czech and international companies.


In the mentoring programme, a student (referred to as the mentee) goes to a mentor’s company. The mentee accompanies the mentor in their day-to-day work, observes and notes the mentor’s decision-making and management skills and methods, gets an insight into the company’s working environment, takes part in meetings and consultations, and even participates actively in real projects.

The entire collaboration is based simply on what is decided between the mentee and the mentor, like the type of collaboration, the number of hours to be spent together, and what kinds of tasks will be accomplished. There are no requirements and, above all, no limitations.

Although the student is not paid, they will gain invaluable experience, contacts and, last but not least, a powerful entry in their CV. In return, the mentor gains a different perspective  into their own work, and the company can present itself to a talented student who will surely discuss the mentorship experience with their peers.

No other university in the Czech Republic offers a mentoring programme of this type!

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