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Opportunities to collaborate with the CTU Careers Centre (CC)

We offer your company the opportunity to make contact with CTU students and recent graduates. Our collaboration can be in the following fields:

Advertising employment positions

  • Post electronic advertisements for available workplaces, internships, competitions, Open Doors days and other events on the CC web pages, in the job vacancies section:http://kariernicentrum.cz/category/inzeraty/
  • Present information in the regular newsletter distributed to registered students
  • Distribute posters and flyers via notice boards and racks in the CTU canteens and dormitories

Career Counselling

  • Individual career counselling – one hour with a human resources specialist, in which students are able to consult the specialist and ask questions about things that interest them. For example, a consultation on their curriculum vitae, motivation letter, work agreement, how to prepare for an interview, how to find their way in the employment market, etc.
  • Group career counselling – a seminar on problems frequently encountered by students – how to write a curriculum vitae and a motivation letter, how to prepare for an interview, etc. At the end of the seminar, there is an opportunity to have a short individual consultation about CVs and to ask questions.
  • The career counselling services are presented on the CC web site: http://kariernicentrum.cz/osobni-rozvoj/personalni-poradna/

Seminars for students

  • Present your company at the beginning of a seminar, or in the course of a seminar. Draw students‘ attention to your company by promoting it through a seminar.  
  • Seminars aimed at improving the position of students in the employment market, on soft skills and management skills, or on personal development and life targetting. For the future, we plan separate thematic seminars for students of each faculty.
  • The standard length of the seminars is 2 - 4 hours.
  • The seminars are advertised through the usual Careers Centre channels. Regular newsletters are sent to registered students. Information is sent by e-mail to student clubs and to faculties, and information posters are put on notice boards for CTU students and in Careers Centre racks in CTU canteens and dormitories. Posters are are produced in the Careers Centre graphic style, or we can distribute companies‘ own flyers.
  • The seminars are advertised on the Careers Centre web site http://kariernicentrum.cz/events/

Master projects

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