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CTU Medal

There is a gold medal and a silver medal. The CTU Medal is conferred for distinguished services to the development of CTU in science, research, teaching or organization. In exceptional cases, it can be awarded to personalities, groups or institutions that are credited for a major social development or for developing the natural or technical sciences, or industry.

Felber Medal

There is a gold medal, a silver medal and a bronze medal. The Felber Medal is conferred in recognition of major teaching or scientific work in connection with CTU.

CTU Fund

The CTU Fund is used to reward CTU workers who are awarded the Rector’s Prize. Money from the CTU Fund is also used to protect intellectual property, for CTU licensing policy, and for rewarding successful supervisors  of Ph.D. students, and for other activities in support of research, development and innovation.

Rector’s Prize

The Rector’s Prize is awarded in five categories:

  • For an outstanding research result
  • For practical implementation of scientific research, innovation, artistic or creative work
  • For an outstanding  doctoral dissertation
  • For a prestigious scientific publication
  • For an outstanding book publication

Doctor Honoris Causa

Honorary doctorates are conferred on distinguished Czech and foreign personalities who have developed their field of specialization in a distinguished manner on an international scale, or who have in some other field, or in some way, benefitted humanity.

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