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Need help translating from Czech to Ukrainian or vice versa? Online translator will help you with that.

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Main contact for Ukrainian students and employees, where all questions, propositions and other matters will be answered. Available in Czech, English, Ukrainian and Russian language.

+420 771 227 994
+420 771 227 995
(Monday to Sunday, 9 am – 7 pm)


The Career Center at CTU offers help to any ukrainian students and their families, who are looking for a job.


CIPS offers help to any students who may experience psychiatric trauma or need social and legal help. If you are indeed in need of help, please contact them.


Internal measures

Rector's Order No. 02/2022 on the war situation in Ukraine

“As a result of the invasion of Ukraine by the troops of the Russian Federation with the participation of Belarus, I have decided to issue the following measures, in support of Ukraine and our Ukrainian students, employees, and their loved ones.”


CTU helps

All help is directed towards people with Ukrainian citizenship. Information can be filtered by focus group:

  • ICT and CTU respond to Ukrainian rector's plea and send a truck with humanitarian aid to Mykolaiv

  • FIT offers new academic positions

  • From Monday the 4th April begins the preparatory course of mathematics for admissions procedure to bachelor studies at CTU in Prague. Language of instruction will be English (partly Ukrainian). The course is scheduled every Monday from 9.00 till 11.30 AM room no. 256, address Technická 4, Prague 6.

  • CTU in Prague welcomes Ukrainian students-refugees

    Due to the large number of applicants from Ukrainian students and our limited capacity, we have to terminate the registration of applicants for study programmes at CTU in Prague in the 2021/2022 academic year.

    Information on the admission procedure for the 2022/2023 academic year and on the entrance examinations for each of the faculties of CTU in Prague can be found here.

    An application for a study programme is associated with the payment of a fee for the admission procedure. At the moment when a Ukrainian student with refugee status is admitted to a study programme, she/he can submit an application for a refund of the fee. On the basis of this request, the fee will be refunded. The application is submitted to the study department of the Faculty at which the student is enrolled.

    У зв'язку з великим інтересом та вичерпанням вільних місць ЧТУ був змушений припинити реєстрацію студентів українських університетів (які мають українське громадянство, навчаються в рамці акредитованих програм та не можуть зараз продовжити навчання у зв’язку зі збройним конфліктом в Україні, тобто «free movers») на короткострокове навчання в 2021/2022 навчальному році. Інформацію про порядок вступу на 2022/2023 навчальний рік та вступні іспити на окремі факультети ЧТУ можна знайти тут.

    Подача заявки на навчання передбачає сплату адміністративного збору. Здобувачі з України (громадяни України, які рятуються від збройного конфлікту в Україні та які отримали статус біженця або тимчасовий захист на території Чехії) можуть подати заяву на повернення коштів.

    Заява подається у навчальному відділі факультету, до якого студент був зарахуван.

  • The management of the FA CTU decided to provide its Ukrainian students with extraordinary scholarships

  • Application for the provision of a scholarship for Ukrainian students

  • The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) will support Ukraine with two and a half million crowns

  • Psychological counselling – CTU in Prague offers psychological counselling and help to all students who are affected by the current situation in Ukraine!

    The Centre for Information and Counselling Services (CIPS) is open from Monday to Friday between 9 am – 3 pm. You are not alone! Come and seek help.

  • Individual psychological help – Psychological Counselling in Czech and English language

    Free therapy in Ukrainian or Russian language

    National Institute of Mental Health

    Social Clinic – crisis counselling and long-term therapies for free in Czech language

  • Group counseling – CIPS and ELSA (Support Centre for Students with Special Needs at CTU) offers an open group for all CTU students who feel threatened by the current situation in Ukraine.

    The group will be led by an experienced intervention professional.

    When? Every Thursday from 5 pm – 7 pm.

    Where? At CIPS (Student House, Bechyňova 3, Prague 6).

    You can come without any previous registration.

  • Assistance for applicants from Ukraine – Applicants from Ukraine, who apply to study at the Czech Technical University in Prague and need validation of their previous university education (nostrification) for their admission to study, can apply for this validation from 25 February 2022 until further notice without paying a fee of CZK 3,000.

    More information on the validation of foreign university education.

  • The management of CTU decided about helping the Ukrainian students

  • FIT offers help and support to Ukrainian students

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