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Need help translating from Czech to Ukrainian or vice versa? Online translator will help you with that.

ÚFAL translator

Main contact for Ukrainian students and employees, where all questions, propositions and other matters will be answered. Available in Czech, English, Ukrainian and Russian language.

+420 771 227 994
+420 771 227 995
(Monday to Sunday, 9 am – 7 pm)


The Career Center at CTU offers help to any ukrainian students and their families, who are looking for a job.


CIPS offers help to any students who may experience psychiatric trauma or need social and legal help. If you are indeed in need of help, please contact them.


Internal measures

Rector's Order No. 02/2022 on the war situation in Ukraine

“As a result of the invasion of Ukraine by the troops of the Russian Federation with the participation of Belarus, I have decided to issue the following measures, in support of Ukraine and our Ukrainian students, employees, and their loved ones.”


CTU helps

All help is directed towards people with Ukrainian citizenship. Information can be filtered by focus group:

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