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  • February 2022
    • TC AV: Training for project managers - ERC grants

      Don't miss the training for project managers and heads of institutions on the topic of ERC grants, organised by the Technology Centre of the CAS and the Expert Group for Supporting Applicants in ERC Calls. The training will take place on 24 February 2022 online, from 9:00 to 14:30. The aim of the event is to provide information on national support for ERC grant applicants and to explain the role of institutions in supporting their own applicants. Applicants will also be informed about relevant cross-cutting themes and practicalities of supporting applicants, including working with the applicant's CV/'track record' and project abstract.  

      The 1st and 2nd block (9:00-12:30) of the seminar is intended mainly for project managers who provide support to applicants within the project departments of individual institutions, the 3rd block (13:00-14:30) is intended mainly for senior managers of institutions in charge of science and research, but also for project managers.

      The programme of the event can be found HERE. Please use the link HERE to register. Registration will be open until 22 February 2022 0:00 (CET).

      • TRAINING
    • GA ČR: competitions announced from 15 February

      This year, project proposals for the competitions of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GA CR) for the support of basic research can be submitted from 15 February to 7 April. In fact, the deadline for submitting project proposals will be extended by one week compared to the usual competition deadline. As there will be only minor changes to the award documents, scientists can start thinking about their research projects now.

      It will be possible to submit applications for standard projects (projects with a usual duration of 3 years can be submitted by all researchers and their teams regardless of their seniority), as well as for the EXPRO competition (intended for the most excellent Czech scientists), JUNIOR STAR (intended for the most excellent of budding scientists - up to 8 years after obtaining a Ph.D, D., from all areas of basic research, who have already published in prestigious international journals and have significant international experience), POSTDOC INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP (grant for male and female researchers who have completed their Ph.D. studies within the last four years; It can be used as an exit or an entry grant) and the call for INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS (bilateral cooperation with Taiwan, South Korea and São Paulo, Brazil; or Lead Agency cooperation with institutions in Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the USA).

      For up-to-date information, follow the list of all currently announced calls or subscribe to the newsletter (at the bottom of the homepage).

    • TA ČR: NCK Programme - presentation and video from the webinar on the 2nd public competition

      On 18 January 2022, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic held a webinar on the 2nd public competition of the Programme for the Support of Applied Research, Experimental Development and Innovation National Centres of Competence. You can now download the recording and the presentation. Questions and answers are also available. The deadline for submission of project proposals is April 6, 2022.

    • MU BRNO: 5. National Day of Large Research Infrastructures

      The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEST) in cooperation with Masaryk University (MUNI) and the Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) invite you to participate in the 5th National Day of Large Research Infrastructures of the Czech Republic, which will take place online on Tuesday, 15 February 2022.

      The conference will be attended by leading representatives of the central state administration of the Czech Republic, universities, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and other public and private research organizations of the Czech Republic.

      The conference programme will include lectures and discussions on the following topics:
      - International peer-review evaluation of large research infrastructures in the Czech Republic
      - Analysis of socio-economic benefits and impacts of large research infrastructures in the Czech Republic
      - Support for large research infrastructures from public funds of the Czech Republic in 2023-2029
      - European research infrastructures coordinated by the Czech Republic
      - Architecture of building the national data infrastructure of the Czech Republic

      More information about the program can be found HERE. Please register via this form.

    • REGON: next meeting 2 March

      On 2 March 2022, the next regular meeting of REGON network representatives (representatives of grant offices of research organisations active in international R&D projects) will take place. The topic of the meeting will be the financial rules of Horizon Europe. The event will take place online from 9:00 to 11:00. Please register here.

      • SEMINAR
      • REGON
    • National Centre for Construction 4.0: a new academic-industrial platform

      CTU has created "a technology-neutral and open academic-industrial platform that connects innovation leaders, manufacturing and technology companies, universities, research and industry organizations with the state and the media to help create an optimal environment for a sustainable future. "The platform, called the National Centre for Construction 4.0, will be based in the CTU-CIIRC building.

      As part of the official launch of the NCS on 18 January 2021, accession agreements were signed with 18 partners from among the cooperating companies and institutions. Among them are the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the BUT, Faculty of Civil Engineering of the VŠB-TUO, Faculty of Civil Engineering of the CTU in Prague, Foundation for the Development of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Association of Construction Entrepreneurs, Road and Motorway Directorate, HELUZ cihlářský průmysl v.o.s., Leube Beton s.r.o., SUDOP Group a.s., ICE Industrial Services a.s., EIMAC, Metrostav a.s., Strabag a.s., AgentFly Technologies s.r.o., Hochtief CZ a.s., Baumit, spol. s r.o., VCES a.s., Techniserv, spol. s r.o.

      The Centre will support direct and indirect participation in national and international projects that strengthen research, development and innovation interactions between academic and industrial partners.

      Other planned activities of the centre will include the organisation of conferences, practically oriented professional workshops, lectures, excursions on currently addressed issues. All members will have the opportunity to influence the development of topics related to Building 4.0 in the whole breadth of the Czech Republic.

      • CTU
    • CERN: internships for students

      Students of Czech universities from technical fields of doctoral, master's and bachelor's studies, for example in fields such as applied physics, IT, engineering, electronics, robotics, mathematics, etc. can apply for support in CERN programmes. Applications are open until 21 March 2022.

      For CTU students, the CERN doctoral programme (work at CERN on a thesis in fields such as applied physics, IT, engineering, electronics, robotics, mathematics, etc., internship for 6-36 months) or the CERN technical programme (for students of bachelor's and master's degrees in technical fields, internship for 4-12 months) may be of interest; however, it is also possible to apply for the CERN administrative programme (economics and humanities; internship for 2-12 months). Internships are remunerated by CERN at a rate of CHF 3 300 per month.

      Thanks to an agreement between the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT) and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), students from Czech universities have a better chance of succeeding in CERN student programmes. For more information contact Ing. Ondřej Novák from the Research and Development Department of the Ministry of Education and Science

      • STATIONS
    • Grant and scholarship programmes for Czech-Bavarian cooperation

      The Czech-Bavarian Higher Education Agency offers new scholarship and grant programmes for this year for interested students, teachers, researchers and university administrators. In addition to grants and scholarships, the Czech-Bavarian Higher Education Agency also provides financial contributions for digital formats of cross-border cooperation and for participation in online events of universities in the neighbouring country. At the same time, it expects that with sufficient care it will be possible to carry out some meetings, study visits or research projects in full-time form.

      Scholarship programmes are announced for 2022:
      - Scholarships for German courses and vocational summer schools in Bavaria,
      - scholarships for Czech language courses and professional summer schools in the Czech Republic,
      - scholarships for study and research stays in the Czech Republic,
      - scholarships for internships in the Czech Republic.

      The grant programmes for 2022 are as follows:

      - Bayerisch-tschechische Sommer-/Winterschulen 2022 - support programme for bilateral summer/winter schools with students from both countries (application by Bavarian universities)
      - Bayerisch-tschechische akademische Projekte 2022 - programme for the support of Czech-Bavarian academic projects, such as conferences, workshops, small research projects or the preparation of international projects (application by Bavarian HEIs)
      - Mobilitätsbeihilfen Tschechien 2022 - grants for study, lecture and research stays in Bavaria or the Czech Republic (application by the Bavarian HEI)

      More information can be found here.

      • STATIONS
    • European Research Council: provisional calendar of calls for 2023

      After two years, the ERC Executive Agency is returning to the original timetable of closure dates for individual calls. In the 2023 calls, all five grants are expected to open. The 2023 call calendar is provisional, so changes can be expected.

      Deadlines during 2022 will be for ERC Starting grant calls (deadline 25 October 2022) and ERC Synergy grant calls (expected deadline 8 November 2022). The remaining three schemes - the ERC Consolidator grant, the ERC Advanced grant and the ERC Proof of Concept grant - have deadlines set within the next year. A more detailed timetable of call openings:

      - ERC Starting grant - the call should be open from 12 July 2022 to 25 October 2022
      ERC Consolidator grant - the call should be open from 28 September 2022 to 2 February 2023
      - ERC Advanced grant - the call should be open from 8 December 2022 to 23 May 2023
      - ERC Synergy grant - the call should be open from 13 July 2022 to 8 November 2022
      - ERC Proof by Concept - Interim deadlines on 24 January 2023; 20 April 2023 and 14 September 2023

      For more information, see the European Research Council website.

    • Horizon Europe: Hop On call for the accession of a partner from a "widening" country


      The Technology Centre of the CAS, a member of the FIT-4-NMP project, offers a free service to projects funded under Pillar 2 of the Horizon Europe programme or the EIC Pathfinder programmes under the newly opened Horizon Europe Hop-On Facility call. This call allows for one partner from a so-called Widening Country (including the Czech Republic) to join a consortium supported by Pillar 2 calls or the EIC Pathfinder Pillar 3 scheme.

      The Horizon Europe Hop-On Facility is open to all topics under Pillar 2 and the EIC Pathfinder Facility and has two deadlines: 20 April 2022 and 10 November 2022. An additional budget of between €200,000 and €500,000 can be requested for the inclusion of an additional partner, with up to 10% allocated to the consortium coordinator.

      The FIT-4-NMP project is a Horizon Europe Support Action (Grant Agreement No 958255) aiming to increase the participation of talented newcomers from underrepresented regions in the Horizon Europe programme in the fields of advanced materials, manufacturing technologies, clean industry and the circular economy (NMP).

      Services offered include:

      1. Practical support in finding a partner from the Czech Republic who deals with advanced materials, manufacturing technologies, clean industry or circular economy;
      2. practical assistance in providing partner information for Part A (e.g. administrative details, budget, etc.) and Part B (e.g. description of the new task, etc.) for the Hop-On application;
      3. practical assistance in preparing the grant amendment when a new partner joins.

      FIT-4-NMP project website: For questions, please contact: Jiří Janošec,, Petr Pracna, or

    • National Information Centre for European Research (NICER): new leaflet for ERC grant applicants

      The leaflet has also been produced especially for project managers, who can use it for pre-screening project proposals. The leaflet provides basic information on how to budget effectively for ERC projects, as well as what to look out for for each cost category. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Download the flyer here.

    • Horizon Europe: €162 million for research infrastructures

      A new call for proposals for funding research infrastructure projects under Horizon Europe is open until 20 April 2022, making up to €162 million available for funding research infrastructure projects.

      Prospective applicants can follow the entries of the Research Infrastructures Information Day 2021 to learn about the different topics of the calls. The work programme is available here.

      Applications will be evaluated by independent experts selected by the European Research Executive Agency on behalf of the European Commission. The results of the evaluation are expected to be available in the third quarter of 2022. Successful project proposals will be invited to sign a grant agreement to start in the fourth quarter of 2022.

      The so-called destinations and their allocations are as follows:

      - Enabling an operational, open and fair EOSC ecosystem (INFRAEOSC): €30 million
      - Next generation of scientific equipment, tools and methods and advanced digital solutions (INFRATECH): €110 million
      - Developing, consolidating and optimising the research infrastructure environment, maintaining global leadership (INFRADEV): EUR 21.8 million

    • European Commission: call for 'Cooperative partnerships in education, training and youth submitted by European NGOs'

      On 31 January 2022, the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) and the European Commission organised an information event on the call "Cooperative Partnerships in Education, Training and Youth submitted by European NGOs", which closes on 23 March 2022.

      During the event, the call itself was presented as well as the main changes compared to the previous programming period, the definition of a European NGO, the creation of a project application and the process of its submission on the FTOP portal, the evaluation of project applications, etc. More information can be found in the CZELO minutes.

      • NGOS
    • Horizon Impact Award 2022: competition until 8 March 2022

      The European Commission has launched the 3rd Horizon Impact Award to recognise projects with significant socio-economic benefits. The competition is open to all legal entities, individuals or teams of completed FP7 or Horizon 2020 projects. All necessary information is available on the website here.

    • European Commission: reform of research evaluation

      Reforming research evaluation is considered a priority to ensure the quality, performance and impact of research. Therefore, in order to gather feedback from stakeholders, the European Commission organised several consultations between March and November 2021.

      Based on the results of the public consultation, the European Commission launched a call for expressions of interest to stakeholders in December 2021 to create a platform to support the reform of research evaluation. The call closed on 10 January 2022 and around 100 applicants applied. Despite the original deadline, the call remains open to further interested parties. If you are interested, please visit the European Commission website for more information.  You can also read more in the CZELO minutes for this meeting.

      According to the indicative timetable of the European Commission, the next step will be to prepare an agreement that will set the principles and objectives of the coalition's cooperation. The team that will be in charge of this task consists of representatives from the European University Association (EUA), the UN, Science Europe and the European Commission. The draft agreement will then be commented on by the wider team. The final signing of the agreement is planned for spring 2022. The initiative was also presented during the Open Science Conference held on 4-5 February as part of the French Presidency of the EU Council. 

  • January 2022
    • OP JAK: Call schedule for 2022

      The Managing Authority of OP JAK has published a draft of the Schedule of Calls for 2022. Although the Schedule of Calls has not yet been approved by the Programme Planning Committee, due to the interest of potential applicants, the Managing Authority has published it as a draft.

      The Managing Authority plans to convene a meeting and the 1st meeting of the OP JAK Monitoring Committee immediately after the approval of the OP JAK Programme Document by the European Commission. The call schedule for 2022 (including individual deadlines) is based on the assumption that the approval will take place in April 2022. More information can be found here.

    • OP HOW: MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships and MSCA COFUND

      The draft schedule of calls for 2022 of the OP JAK shows that two calls for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions are relevant in Priority 1 Research and Development. Under the International Mobility of Researchers - MSCA Fellowships, it is foreseen to support projects that were successful in the evaluation of Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 but could not be funded due to limited financial allocation.

      MSCA COFUND CZ is expected to support MSCA COFUND projects that have been submitted to the HORIZON-MSCA-2021-COFUND-01-01 call and that have been successful in the Horizon Europe evaluation and have been awarded the Seal of Excellence.

      The announcement of the calls is subject to the approval of the Operational Programme by the European Commission, which is expected to take place in April 2022. Both calls will be presented at the MSCA National Information Day in March 2022.

    • New Industry 5.0 Award: open call

      The European Commission, in collaboration with the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) and the industry platform ManuFUTURE, has launched the New Industry 5.0 Award, which recognises the contribution of one of the projects currently underway to reinforce the EC's current industrial priorities - European Green Deal, A Europe fit for the digital age, and An economy that works for people.

      The call is open to projects funded by Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe and EIT that have started after 31 August 2018. The deadline for the call is 1 April 2022. For more details, including the rules of the call and the call documentation for participants, click here.

    • Breakthrough Energy Catalyst: call for green technology projects

      On 11 January 2022, the Breakthrough Energy Catalyst Programme launched a call for proposals for large-scale projects that use green technologies and are based in Europe. The call represents the first milestone in the EU-Catalyst partnership, which was officially launched in November 2021 and aims to support investment in high-potential projects in the areas of clean hydrogen, sustainable aviation fuels, direct CO2 capture and long-term energy storage. The investments should enable the high cost of clean technologies to be reduced and their deployment accelerated, thus enabling a faster transformation of European industry to a more sustainable one. Support will take the form of financial instruments and grants.

      The call for project proposals will be open until 31 December 2027; projects will be evaluated on an ongoing basis (at semi-annual intervals). Projects wishing to receive funding in the first half of 2023 must submit their application by 13 May, when the first round of evaluation will take 2022,place. More information on the call can be found here.

      The EU-Catalyst Partnership envisages mobilising investments of USD 1 billion (around EUR 820 million) between 2022 and 2026 to accelerate the deployment and commercialisation of innovative technologies that will help meet the ambitions of the Green Deal for Europe and achieve Europe's 2030 climate targets and 2050 climate neutrality.

      In this context, an informative webinar will be held on 25 January 2022 to present all the details of the call. Register for the webinar here.

    • NPŽP: Call No. 12/2021: Energy savings in public buildings

      Call No. 12/2021: Energy Savings in Public Buildings is announced under the National Environment Programme. Eligible applicants include public research institutions.

      The funds are intended for owners of public buildings to carry out energy-efficient renovations through a combination of building envelope insulation, including window replacement, controlled ventilation with heat recovery, external movable shading elements and efficient technologies that reduce energy consumption or ensure efficient production of electricity and heat, primarily using renewable energy sources.

      Applications will be accepted until 1.12.202130 September 2022. The end of the implementation of supported projects is 31 December 2025. The allocation for the call is CZK 3 285 000 000. The amount of the contribution depends on the technical parameters achieved, with a maximum of 40 to 100 % of the total eligible project expenditure

      Amount of contribution

      Depending on the technical parameters achieved, a maximum of 40 to 100 % of the total eligible project expenditure (further specification in the call text)

      The grant is applied for via the Agency Information System of the State Environment Fund of the Czech Republic (AIS SFŽP ČR) from the website:

    • NPŽP: Call No. 10/2021: Water management in municipalities

      Call No. 10/2021 of the National Environment Programme is aimed at financial support for effective rainwater management in the built-up area of municipalities and flood protection measures with a wide use of nature-friendly elements. The funding is provided under the National Recovery Plan. Public research institutions are also eligible applicants.

      Applications will be accepted until 12.1.202231 August 2022. The completion of the implementation of supported projects will be until 30 June 2025. The call is announced as a single-round non-competitive call.

      The allocation of the call is CZK 1 754 000 000. For activities on sustainable and efficient water management in municipalities, the maximum amount of support is 100% of the total eligible project expenditure (for the construction of permeable paved surfaces, the maximum is 50%). For activities to ensure flood protection in the urban area, the maximum amount of support is 100 % of the total eligible project expenditure. The minimum eligible direct implementation expenditure for the project is CZK 200 000 excluding VAT

      The subsidy is applied for electronically via the Agency Information System of the State Environment Fund of the Czech Republic (AIS SFŽP ČR) from the website:

    • INTERREG: CENTRAL EUROPE 2021-2027, Call 1 is still open

      The deadline for the submission of projects under the 1st Call for proposals of the Transnational European Territorial Cooperation Programme Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE 2021-2027 is still open.

      As the name of the programme implies, these are transnational projects involving partners from the programme area covering the regions of 9 Central European countries. Public and private bodies, European groupings for territorial cooperation and international organisations are eligible.

      Via ´Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Applicant Community´, you can publish project plans, view them, publish your organisation's profile, search for partners, arrange consultations or register for events. Registration is free of charge.

      The programme continuously publishes educational videos (videotutorials) and makes available online seminars for those interested in the call. All documents on the call remain available under the FUNDING banner on the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE website, where you can also find an overview of all projects or their outputs implemented in the current programming period in the RESULTS category.
      The contact point for the Czech National Contact Point is:

    • L'Oréal-UNESCO: For women in science

      The aim of the L'Oréal-UNESCO Talent Programme for Women in Science is to financially support young women scientists and facilitate their career path in the scientific research environment. The programme is open to female scientists who are under the age of 40 and who have obtained a PhD in the fields of life sciences, life sciences, chemical and physical sciences.

      A jury composed of representatives of the CAS, with the participation of representatives of L'Oréal and the Czech Commission for UNESCO, will select three talented female scientists who will receive:

      • 600,000 CZK, which they will share and which they can use directly and indirectly to support their careers;
      • completing media training;
      • the opportunity to present your research in the media in the form of interviews.

      Interested women can apply for this year's edition using the platform located at until 28 February 2022.

    • NPO: Electromobility in enterprises, call in 1Q 2022

      The forthcoming call from the National Renewal Plan will enable businesses of all sizes (including self-employed and those doing business in Prague) to purchase electric and hydrogen-powered passenger and commercial vehicles and charging stations. The call should be announced in the first quarter of 2022 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

      The rate of support will be 40 to 60 % (depending on the size of the enterprise). Currently, it is assumed that the subsidy will only be available for vehicles costing a maximum of CZK 1,250,000 excluding VAT. The subsidy will be calculated on the difference between the price of the electric car and a comparable petrol or diesel car. Thus, the maximum they would receive would be: a small enterprise CZK 337,000; a medium-sized enterprise CZK 281,000 and a large enterprise CZK 225,000. This is most likely to be the last subsidy for the purchase of electric cars.

    • TAČR: GAMA 2, PP2 - preliminary competition parameters

      The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) has published the preliminary parameters of the 4th public competition GAMA 2, sub-programme 2. The announcement of the public competition was planned for 19 January, but due to the budget provisionality the announcement of the competition is postponed.

      GAMA 2 is a programme to support applied research, experimental development and innovation. This call for tenders will support SMEs (including start-ups) to produce a feasibility study within six months. The lead bidder will work on the project independently (without other participants). The competition is not restricted by theme. Project proposals are expected to be competitive at European and global level with high market potential and innovative solutions. The project proposal will be filled in by the applicants in English. The project proposal will also include a short (one minute) video where applicants should present the project proposal.

    • TC CAS: Horizon Europe events

      The Technology Centre of the CAS presents the schedule of events prepared by the National Information Centre for European Research (NICER) for the first half of 2022. The dates are tentative, exact information on dates, programmes, registration and other events will be updated on the TC website.

      • SEMINAR
    • REGON: meeting in February and DIOSCURI programme

      The next REGON members' meeting will take place on 2 February 2022. The meeting will feature a presentation on the DIOSCURI programme by Steffi Heinecke from Administrative Headquarters Max Planck Society (Dioscuri Centres of Excellence, Division for International Relations) and Veronika Konečná (Department of International R&D&I Programme Management, Ministry of Science and Technology). The programme and registration can be found here.

      Under an agreement between the Ministry of Education and the Max Planck Society, up to five Dioscuri Centres (DC) are to be established in the Czech Republic in the coming years. They will be financed equally from the budget of the German and Czech Ministries of Education with a total of 300,000 EURO per year. The centres will conduct cutting-edge, internationally competitive and innovative research in the humanities, social sciences, life sciences or natural sciences and technology and will link the local research environment with the wider scientific community. The first centres are expected to open in the second half of 2023, with a second call for proposals to follow in 2024.

      The first call for Dioscuri centres in the Czech Republic will be published in spring 2022 - up to three proposals may be selected for funding. The initial step is the registration of institutions - expressing interest in building a DIOSCURI centre and declaring their ability to meet all the obligations (this is not a preparation of a proposal, but a declaration of interest and willingness to host a DC in a specific research area). The list of institutions (faculties, institutes) thus registered will then be made available to potential candidates for the position of the head of the DC.

      • REGON
    • CzechTrade: online seminar - Hydrogen strategy in India and opportunities for Czech companies

      CzechTrade is organising an online seminar on India's hydrogen strategy on 25 January 2022 from 10 to 11:30 am. India is among the fastest growing economies in the world and is considered one of the future economic superpowers. In line with the global trend, the Indian government has drawn up a strategy for the use of hydrogen and hydrogen technology. The country is at the beginning of development and application in this field, which brings a number of opportunities for Czech companies. The online seminar will present the opportunities for Czech companies and the planned project Mission of Czech Energy Companies to India. The speaker will be Indian industry expert Mr. Shirish S Garud, Director and Senior Fellow, Renewable Energy Technology Division, The Energy and Resources. The event is free, you can register here.

      • SEMINAR
    • CZELO: Training of V4 project managers

      The Czech Liaison Office for Education and Research in Brussels (CZELO) together with the Polish Research Liaison Agency (PolSCA), the Hungarian National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NRDIO) and the Slovak Liaison Office for Research and Development (SLORD) will organise the next edition of the "Visegrad Four (V4) Project Managers Training" on 28, 29 and 31 March 2022. Due to the pandemic situation, the event will take place online.

      The aim of the training is to enhance the professional capacity of project managers by providing them with value-added information from Brussels and to increase their awareness of the policy context of European research and of programmes and initiatives beyond the Horizon Europe Framework Programme. The training offers the opportunity to follow an intensive three-day programme that includes both speakers from the European Commission and a range of experts with practical experience. The training programme will build on the previous version.

      If you are interested in attending the training, please register by 23 February 2022. Successful candidates will be notified by 28 February 2022 at the latest.

      Due to the limited number of places (35 in total, of which 7 are from the Czech Republic), candidates will be assessed on the basis of a motivation letter included in the registration form. In case of multiple applicants from one institution, only one will be accepted. The call is open only to institutions based in the Czech Republic and active in the field of R&D&I.

      • SEMINAR
  • June 2021
    • CTU's Strategic Plan 2021+

      On 14 June 2021, representatives of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic discussed the Czech Technical University´s in Prague Strategic Plan 2021+, the strategic document defining priorities for educational policy until 2030. Find out more about its mission, vision, key principles and values. Browse main areas of interest: studies, science, research and innovation, human resources and the environment, financial management, organization and processes.

      The document is available in English and Czech language.

      • Strategy
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