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Center for Large Scale Multi-modal Data Interpretation

CTU institution participating in the project: Faculty of Electrical Engineering.
Project duration: 2012 – 2018

The aim of this project is to use very extensive unannotated multi-modal data, mainly video recordings, to make significant advances in recognition in the field of understanding, interpreting, annotating and searching sequences of images, speech signals and natural language through a combination of methods based on self-teaching. The focus is on problems that are very hard to solve from the viewpoint of a single modality, and an interdisciplinary approach needs to be used. Progress in individual fields (vision, speech, language) will be achieved by a combination of methods, and in particular by cross teaching, where the output from one of the modalities will provide a source of training data for the other modalities. For the purposes of efficient processing of large data collections of all modalities, the project also deals with general problems of organizing, indexing and searching on the basis of similarity, which is of great importance when building  real applications.
The consortium brings together internationally recognized workplaces that have been achieving top results within the project. Knowledge, methodologies and results are transferred. The outcomes of the project will consist of publications and also two demonstrators.

Cumulative Time-dependent Processes in Building Materials and Structures

CTU institution participating in the project: Faculty of Civil Engineering.
Project duration: 2012 – 2018

Building materials and structures are exposed to many loads and impacts which do not cause critical defects or failures immediately, but which lead to failure after many repetitions, or in combination with other physical or chemical effects. Our knowledge in this area is still very patchy; there are many missing facts and interactions because narrow and fragmented research has been carried out on individual, highly specific problems, without a deeper or broader understanding of the complexity of the materials and the behaviour of the structures in their surroundings.
This project in support of excellence in fundamental research therefore deals with evaluating long-term monitoring of the influence of the environment on selected materials and structures, the results of the penetration of moisture and salts into porous materials, and problems of fatigue cause by climatic loads. It also deals with the effect on the reliability of the materials and structures, the risks to them, and a methodology for assessing these factors.

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