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Center for Advanced Materials and Efficient Buildings

Part of CTU involved in the research: UCEEB
Project solution time: 2019 – 2022
Web: https://www.cameb.cz

The CAMEB Centre was set up to deal with isssues of dwindling non-renewable natural resources, both material and energy, and the impact of dwindling resources on construction. The current trend of massive energy savings in building operations is producing significant improvements in operational energies, and is making the material and energy performance of construction soar. CAMEB brings together partners with competencies that will enable better use of resources in building in the spirit of the principles of circular economics, especially in the areas of materials, construction, quality of the internal environment and energy and water management. These areas will be supported by modern technologies from digitization, optimization, modelling and efficient process management.

National Centre of Competency for Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence

Part of CTU involved in the research: CIIRC
Project solution time: 2019 – 2022

The NCK KUI project aims to create a national platform for cybernetics and artificial intelligence which interlinks research and application oriented centers of robotics and cybernetics for Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, intelligent transport systems and cybersecurity. The connection of innovation leaders will raise effectivity of applied research in key areas, as advanced technology for globally competitive industry, ICT and transportation for the 21st century. NCK KUI is closely related to application sector and enables cross-domain collaboration, innovation development and technology transfer.

Josef Božek National Centre of Competence for Land Transport

Part of CTU involved in the research: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Project solution time: 2019 – 2022

The main objective of the project is research and development of future means of sustainable mobility by road and rail vehicles, and integrating road and rail vehicles into transport systems. Strategic development of the technical level of road and rail vehicles is important for the economy of the Czech Republic and also for the immediate goals of industry and customers. Competitiveness in the export sector needs to be increased. This goal is being achieved by establishing a long-term cooperation consortium, which will exploit synergies between these related fields with similar fundamental development problems and synergies through cooperation between academic, research and industrial workplaces, enabling activities to be focused on the critical issues applicable to the market for future transport vehicles, and on ensuring mobility.

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